Quarantine? Working from home? So what? 
If you have no idea what to post for your business on Instagram, check these tips for better engagement with your followers. How?

- Go Live: 
Bring your community together at the moment with Instagram Live by hosting a Q&A or launching an event. You can also have an honest conversation to build a genuine connection. 

- Start Challenges: 
Challenges are popular, why not benefit from them and do a challenge related to your business, post it, talk about it and start challenging people by tagging others for participation. 
Don’t forget to create your own hashtag, a branded one!

- Publish behind the scenes posts:
Your followers will loooove watching behind the scenes, they are curious to know how things go behind the camera or what the team is doing during the lockdown. 
Provide updates on projects you're working on or give an inside look into your team.

- Focus on indoor activities: 
Go live with your team while doing some activities like art, games…

Stay Active, Stay Safe!